Coding and data workshops

Learning through tutorials. Developing skills through challenges.

Skills development

Coding workshops for improvers

Skills development through challenges, projects, pair-programming and a real context.

Virtual work experience

Around 150 hours of remote, project-based, work experience for over 16s, developing an app for a charity or community client.


Code Canteen

The Code Canteen opens weekly to give you a scheduled time to learn to code and to learn with others. Pair programming, mentoring, collaborative learning, tech talks

Thursdays 7pm to 9pm online

Details and registration...

About @futureCodersSE

Started in 2016, @futureCodersSE aims to create great coders and to link them with employers. We work with young people, aged between 16 and 24. We help them learn to code through our education programme, of hackathons, coding workshops, project workshops and careers events. We help them to become more skilled and more employable through our work experience programme. We certify their skills, attitudes and behaviours in line with the SFIA skills framework and introduce them to employers.

We don't pretend coding is easy and we encourage all our young participants to work hard, to practice their skills and so to improve. We know that this has benefits in terms of employability and digital literacy.

We work with schools, colleges, youth organisations and businesses to identify, encourage and develop young people. Young people can apply directly to be part of our work-experience programme, or might be identified and encouraged through our education programme. Our certification process can help employers have more confidence in recruiting a young person.

Our mission...

Is to increase the number of UK educated, skilled, young developers in the talent pool to help digital businesses in the UK thrive for generations to come.

Our team...

Karen Scott
Emily Groves
Maggy Burns
Volunteer Mentor
Non-Executive Director
Dee Thrussell
Coding Tutor
Course Manager
Lila Rose
Training assistant
Social Marketer


If you don't find what you are looking for here, please email, we will be really happy to help.

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High-quality, meaningful, project-based, work experience for anyone over 16.

We recruit learners to work on our projects from start to finish.

Learners work with professionals and industry volunteers and develop their technical and soft skills. Our graduates will make great employees.

Work experience model

Job description

Employers - if you can offer a next step placement to help a young person start a digital career, please get in touch. Email:

Note: all virtual work experience is delivered online, we use video meetings and virtual machines to simulate the office environment.

Be More Digital a 5 week Python coding programme Coding Workshops Be More Digital online programme

Our coding workshops are delivered online through a video conferencing platform where we simulate the classroom.

Workshop programmes help us to identify and encourage young people who might benefit from our work experience programme.

We run the following workshops

-- Python -- Javascript -- Data Analysis --

Contact us for more information at:

Learner journey, hackathon, learning, challenging, contributing to app Coding Workshops Agile learning

Every learning programme includes a hackathon, a period of learning, challenges and contribution to the development of an app

These programmes help us to identify and encourage young people who might benefit from our work experience programme.

Some workshops we have run

Python development -- Web development with HTML/CSS/Javascript -- Data analysis with Python

Contact us for more information at:

Dragon Co-working, St George Hotel, 6-8 New Road Avenue, CHATHAM, Kent ME4 6BB

Contact phone: 07791 769048

Company No: 10593417

UKPRN: 10066746